Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Google+ Redux

I've talked about Google+ a few months ago but people still have their doubts.  However, many of my colleagues ask me on a weekly basis if we can get Facebook approved on campus.  The answer from our tech gurus will now and for many moons to come be "NO!"  I love Facebook as much as the next person but there are several alternatives that go beyond the realm of simple communication with students and Google+ is the way to go.  There are three stages of integration that I think many of you will find handy whether you're a teacher looking for a an LMS alternative to a student looking for ways to collaborate.  Take a look at the presentation I presented to our staff and contact me should you have additional questions or if you started a Google+ page for your students. 

Click Google+ below to view the presentation.  You'll find my talking points in the NOTES section.

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