Sunday, August 29, 2010

BP13_eyePlorer video

BP12_eyePlorer part 2

Let's face it, students are in love with Google but they have not a clue how to begin when it comes to research.  What I've discovered is that the great thing about eyePlorer is the software's ability to narrow the focus of the user by finding information related to the proposed topic.  However, I must caution users, eyePlorer is powered by Wikipedia. 

Wikipedia is a sore spot for many educators.  As a librarian/educator, I find Wikipedia to be a fantastic resource.  Why?  The thing about Wikipedia is that despite people all over the world having the ability to update, skeptics believe that incorrect information will be placed in cyberspace.  What the skeptics fail to realize is that there is someone across the globe prepared to fix the mistake in a heartbeat.  I'm not saying that Wikipedia is perfect, but it is a top ten resource that I recommend to secondary students.


As a media specialist, I am always asked to do a research lesson for our students. The problem with research in the library is that (hold on to your seats) books no longer provide the most updated information for assignments dealing with current issues. The internet is THE place to go for the most comprehensive information. I am going to research eyePlorer to see how this Web 2.0 tool can assist in helping our students with research.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Book Reports: Sad to Stunning

It goes without saying that teachers think of fun and exciting things to do over the summer but time and resources cause our plans to fly out the window.  Here's a cool tool that will allow you to integrate technology into your lesson AND excite your students.  Go!Animate allows users to create free cartoons that may be embedded on websites or uploaded to Facebook, Twitter or MySpace.  Are you concerned about content?  No worries, Domo Animate is geared toward younger students and probably accepted by your school technology department.  View my tutorial below.  As always, contact me should you have additional questions.  I'm here to help.


You may view the actual book report below. Eat Pray Love by Tamika@fb

Like it? Create your own at It's free and fun!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Spice Up Your Lesson Plans

Let's face it, sometimes our lessons plans are missing a little pep.  How many times have you glanced at your pacing guide only to discover that it's time to conjugate verbs or showcase the glories of the periodic table?   But how can you make last years bland delivery into something fiery? I think you know my answer.  The 2010-11 school year is approaching at a rapid pace.  The most exciting aspect or biggest fear is the use of technology.  I found this great Scrib to help you plan and integrate flavor into your curriculum.  Whatever you do, make sure these sites are accessible on campus and be sure to grab an Averkey or utilize an LCD projector the day you introduce new technology. As always, especially to my Rams, contact me if you need help utilizing these awesome tools.

Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers

Friday, August 13, 2010

BP11_Prezi Commercial

I am really excited about the Prezi software.  I hope that my commercial and BP8 relayed enough information that you are willing to try the application for one of your lessons and/or will share the site with your students. 

Pay no attention to the age of the 'student' actors.  School has yet to begin so I enlisted my coworkers and our fabulous PTSA President.  Thank you Ursula (Ms. Hall), Jerolyn (timid student) and Kathy (runaway student).


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

BP10_Music and Mathematics Just Don't Mix... or Do They

Elizabeth Stinvil shows us that there's more to educational fun than FunBrain.  Elizabeth reviewed Game Classroom.  The website may cater to K-6 but there is something there for every grade level.  Swing by Elizabeth's blog.  While you're there, read my comments

BP9_AT in ND with Mark Coppin

Mark reviewed the Web 2.0 tool, Flixtime.  If you do not own a video editing software and wish to create stunning slideshows then this is your application.  You may read my comment and his review here.


In 1984 the world was introduced to PowerPoint. In May of this year I learned the wonders of iMovie and today I will introduce Prezi to my readers.

We will start with this: Have you ever assigned a project to your students only to hear that they do not have PowerPoint at home? Well, those days are over. Prezi is a dynamic open source tool that allows the user to create presentations simliar to PowerPoint but the catch is that everything is housed on one page. I am sure this may sound cluttered to some of you but I assure you that Prezi will make your presentation easy to create and share on or offline.

Prezi allows the user to insert text, pictures and video to share information. Additionally, these items can all be rotated and resized. You determine the path, rather the order in which you want to show your video and viola, your Prezi is complete. Watch the video below to see how easy it is to present and publish in Prezi.

When you visit the Prezi website, you'll find step-by-step tutorials to help you create your masterpiece. So, why are you still on Ttwit? Get started today!


I created a commercial for  The technology department in our county blocks YouTube on school campuses. This is unfortunate because the educational content on YouTube outweighs the content on Discovery Streaming, TeacherTube, etc.  My solution is to convince teachers to download Free Screencast and utilize it at home.  This will allow teachers to showcase YouTube videos at school.  I tried it when I went on campus today and it works like a charm.

***My iMovie video measured exactly 1 minute.  For some reason the Blogger upload added a second.  Can anyone tell me why this happened?

I researched this Web 2.0 tool during a previous assignment but covered another site.  I'm happy to have the opportunity to provide this post in hopes of sharing it with other educators experiencing the same problems.

**All photos are courtesy of Flickr.
**All videos are courtesy of YouTube.

Monday, August 9, 2010

BP6_ETC Blog of Noelia Badillo

Noelia reviewed the Web 2.0 tool, Glogster.  It's fantastic and I cannot wait to use it.  Visit Noelia's site and read my review by clicking here.

BP5_Bridging the Gap with Amille

Amille reviewed the website Internet4Classrooms.  Click here to read my comment on Amille's blog.


Instead of reading, listen:

Visit Voki to create your own avatar today.  Here are a few of the things you can do with your Voki.

You may upload your Voki to Twitter, Facebook or any blog or wiki.  Lastly, you may create multi Voki's to fit your educational needs.  I use Voki for my lesson plan website to explain how to utilize the lessons when classes visit the media center. 

Voki is a fun tool for students and teachers to use.  Create your Voki today!

Saturday, August 7, 2010


First Delicious and now this?  I think the best feature of Diigo are the apps for both the iPhone/iTouch and Android phones.  How often have we been in a holding pattern (i.e. the doctor's office, stuck watching a train pass, etc.) and wished we had a book or something productive to do?  Well, Diigo apps are the answer for students everywhere.  The apps allow us to download articles and read them offline.  You can also add text notes, bookmarks and even pictures all from your phone.  Diigo is another great Web 2.0 tool that will make you more efficient and allow you to keep track of all those articles you need to write an 'A' paper.


Every year I receive the cutest little hand drawn book delivered to the media center. Ordinarily I read the book and ohhhh and ahhhh over the elementary artwork. Then I think that this would have been a fantastic project if I were still a classroom teacher. This year, that will change. Today I discovered Tikatok and cannot wait to use this project with my media assistants. This is my first year having student assistants so I'm able to do pretty much anything I desire. Because I desire to make Web 2.0 an essential part of their lives, my students will learn the ins and outs of copyright laws as they search the web for royalty free photographs and create a book via Tikatok. Here's how Tikatok works (courtesy of Radford Education):

Isn't that awesome? Initially I was concerned about using the program on the middle school level but I cannot think of an age when one cannot present the opportunity to allow students to become a published author. Perhaps the greatest aspect of Tikatok is the collaborative aspect. Students are able to work in a hybrid setting. Hopefully your mind didn't wander to students sitting in a Prius as they worked on a laptop. What I mean is that students are able to start a project in the classroom, or in my case, the media center and finish at home on their respective computers. Once the educator establishes an account, he or she can add students so they may work together. Students may also invite their friends to help via an online invitation.

Tikatok hard copy books run $15-20. PDFs start at $2.99 which make the project extremely affordable for teachers and parents.

How would you use Tikatok in your classroom?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

BP2_Google Reader

Side note, I used the iGoogle Screen Shots as my first entry because it is stated to do so on the Blogging to Learn activity. 

My first blog post spoke of efficiency and how Google Reader can help.  I love the time saving aspect of the ability to read the latest and greatest about my personal and professional interest from various minds around the world.  This time saving aspect is vitally important during the school year.  The blogs mentioned in this post keep me updated about technological trends or simply provide a laugh about my profession.

Cool Cat Teacher Blog: 
How can one not adore the name?  As an IT director and teacher, Vicki shares her experiences in the classroom and how technology can impact our students and families.  As a Google Certified Teacher, Vicki also provides tips on how to utilize Google tools in our classrooms.

Blogging About The Web 2.0 Connected Classroom:
This site keeps me up to date about all that is occurring in the Web 2.0 world.  The author, Steven, also has a podcast in which he's able to expound upon his postings.  I especially enjoy the author's posts on technology integration when it comes to school administration.  Today's teaching world mandates that technology be a major part of our curriculum but it's like pulling teeth to ask administration for the funds to buy the equipment.  Steven offers ideas to make the task an easier one.

Edutopia Blogs:
Have you ever read something because it's cool?  Well we all know that Edutopia is about the coolest thing ever for teachers.  This blog is one of the sites that will rev your engines when you need a jump start.  Edutopia blog authors are contributors from around the globe but they each have a unique voice when it comes to technological trends in education or simply how to keep the fire burning in our students during the mid-year slump.  Do you need inspiration?  Then head to Edutopia Blogs.  How do you think I found out about Full Sail?
The Shifted Librarian
I am a librarian.  Did the lady with the bun and the glasses chained around her neck pop into your mind?  Well, I do wear glasses and but they're DKNY and I do sport a bun because it's sleek.  Basically, I'm not your mama's librarian.  Times have changed and The Shifted Librarian speaks about how people now expect to receive information and how librarians must shift their views in order to deliver it.

Dangerously Irrelevant
As a librarian I realize the impact titles have on young readers.  I was drawn to this blog by the title of the creator's video. Did You Know? (Shift Happens)Isn't that a great play on words?  The blog is aimed at school leaders and discusses the rate at which technological change is occurring in the world.  As our school library media specialist I find that my principals come to me to discuss what is new in the world of technology.  This blog allows me to be prepared for that conversation.

Did you and I read the same blog?  If so, what drew you to the site?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

BP1_iGoogle Screen Shots

Hello World,

As our school webmaster, I have used RSS feeds on our site.  Why has it taken so long to realize all the things iGoogle can do for me?  I almost feel as if I'm comparing iGoogle to the brown delivery guys, but truly my PLE has already saved me about an hour today.  As an avid blog reader I did not spend countless hours going from blog to blog.  I know some of you must be thinking that I should have had updates sent to my Gmail but countless e-mails kill the battery on my Droid. Google Reader was sent from the heavens and it is for that reason alone that I appreciate all that Google can do for me.

I have to be honest.  I'm not wild about the TO DO lists.  I like the fact that Google calendar syncs to my Droid and my Outlook at work.  Completing another TO DO list is not my cup of tea.  The thing about technology is that it is supposed to make our lives more efficient.  I have a feeling that MY LISTY and other TO DO lists will remain blank unless there's a project that specifically focuses on them.

In the interim, here are my screen shots.  Enjoy the calla lily elegance.

Home Page:


***There is a problem with the Diigo gadget.***


I like to finish my blogs with a question and I hope y'all answer.   What is your favorite time saving gadget, app, etc?  Is there a gadget for it on iGoogle?