Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Are you too cool for school?

Do you feel like you're the coolest teacher on your team?  If not, would you like help bringing the boys, uh, students to the yard?  Then look no further because today's Heros of the Week will allow you to wear an 'S' on your chest.
Meet Barbara and Chris.  These two professors are geeking out all over Boise State University where they record The Cool Teacher Podcast.  A word of warning, their conversation can at times be manic but it is always interesting. 

If you wish to be introduced to new Web 2.0 tools or simply use them in a different way, navigate yourself to their website right away.  If you need a morning jolt energ, download the podcast and find the energy to sustain you past Hump Day. 

Click the link above and be treated to a podcast that is sure to add that sparkle and leave the kids thinking you're one cool dude.

Follow the cool teachers on: Facebook and Twitter. You'll be happy you did.

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