Sunday, August 29, 2010

BP12_eyePlorer part 2

Let's face it, students are in love with Google but they have not a clue how to begin when it comes to research.  What I've discovered is that the great thing about eyePlorer is the software's ability to narrow the focus of the user by finding information related to the proposed topic.  However, I must caution users, eyePlorer is powered by Wikipedia. 

Wikipedia is a sore spot for many educators.  As a librarian/educator, I find Wikipedia to be a fantastic resource.  Why?  The thing about Wikipedia is that despite people all over the world having the ability to update, skeptics believe that incorrect information will be placed in cyberspace.  What the skeptics fail to realize is that there is someone across the globe prepared to fix the mistake in a heartbeat.  I'm not saying that Wikipedia is perfect, but it is a top ten resource that I recommend to secondary students.

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