Thursday, August 5, 2010

BP2_Google Reader

Side note, I used the iGoogle Screen Shots as my first entry because it is stated to do so on the Blogging to Learn activity. 

My first blog post spoke of efficiency and how Google Reader can help.  I love the time saving aspect of the ability to read the latest and greatest about my personal and professional interest from various minds around the world.  This time saving aspect is vitally important during the school year.  The blogs mentioned in this post keep me updated about technological trends or simply provide a laugh about my profession.

Cool Cat Teacher Blog: 
How can one not adore the name?  As an IT director and teacher, Vicki shares her experiences in the classroom and how technology can impact our students and families.  As a Google Certified Teacher, Vicki also provides tips on how to utilize Google tools in our classrooms.

Blogging About The Web 2.0 Connected Classroom:
This site keeps me up to date about all that is occurring in the Web 2.0 world.  The author, Steven, also has a podcast in which he's able to expound upon his postings.  I especially enjoy the author's posts on technology integration when it comes to school administration.  Today's teaching world mandates that technology be a major part of our curriculum but it's like pulling teeth to ask administration for the funds to buy the equipment.  Steven offers ideas to make the task an easier one.

Edutopia Blogs:
Have you ever read something because it's cool?  Well we all know that Edutopia is about the coolest thing ever for teachers.  This blog is one of the sites that will rev your engines when you need a jump start.  Edutopia blog authors are contributors from around the globe but they each have a unique voice when it comes to technological trends in education or simply how to keep the fire burning in our students during the mid-year slump.  Do you need inspiration?  Then head to Edutopia Blogs.  How do you think I found out about Full Sail?
The Shifted Librarian
I am a librarian.  Did the lady with the bun and the glasses chained around her neck pop into your mind?  Well, I do wear glasses and but they're DKNY and I do sport a bun because it's sleek.  Basically, I'm not your mama's librarian.  Times have changed and The Shifted Librarian speaks about how people now expect to receive information and how librarians must shift their views in order to deliver it.

Dangerously Irrelevant
As a librarian I realize the impact titles have on young readers.  I was drawn to this blog by the title of the creator's video. Did You Know? (Shift Happens)Isn't that a great play on words?  The blog is aimed at school leaders and discusses the rate at which technological change is occurring in the world.  As our school library media specialist I find that my principals come to me to discuss what is new in the world of technology.  This blog allows me to be prepared for that conversation.

Did you and I read the same blog?  If so, what drew you to the site?

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