Saturday, August 7, 2010


Every year I receive the cutest little hand drawn book delivered to the media center. Ordinarily I read the book and ohhhh and ahhhh over the elementary artwork. Then I think that this would have been a fantastic project if I were still a classroom teacher. This year, that will change. Today I discovered Tikatok and cannot wait to use this project with my media assistants. This is my first year having student assistants so I'm able to do pretty much anything I desire. Because I desire to make Web 2.0 an essential part of their lives, my students will learn the ins and outs of copyright laws as they search the web for royalty free photographs and create a book via Tikatok. Here's how Tikatok works (courtesy of Radford Education):

Isn't that awesome? Initially I was concerned about using the program on the middle school level but I cannot think of an age when one cannot present the opportunity to allow students to become a published author. Perhaps the greatest aspect of Tikatok is the collaborative aspect. Students are able to work in a hybrid setting. Hopefully your mind didn't wander to students sitting in a Prius as they worked on a laptop. What I mean is that students are able to start a project in the classroom, or in my case, the media center and finish at home on their respective computers. Once the educator establishes an account, he or she can add students so they may work together. Students may also invite their friends to help via an online invitation.

Tikatok hard copy books run $15-20. PDFs start at $2.99 which make the project extremely affordable for teachers and parents.

How would you use Tikatok in your classroom?

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