Thursday, August 19, 2010

Book Reports: Sad to Stunning

It goes without saying that teachers think of fun and exciting things to do over the summer but time and resources cause our plans to fly out the window.  Here's a cool tool that will allow you to integrate technology into your lesson AND excite your students.  Go!Animate allows users to create free cartoons that may be embedded on websites or uploaded to Facebook, Twitter or MySpace.  Are you concerned about content?  No worries, Domo Animate is geared toward younger students and probably accepted by your school technology department.  View my tutorial below.  As always, contact me should you have additional questions.  I'm here to help.


You may view the actual book report below. Eat Pray Love by Tamika@fb

Like it? Create your own at It's free and fun!


  1. I totally do not need to read the book anymore

  2. WOW!!! Tamika, your tutorial is outta sight! It's so easy to follow and understand. I also chose an animation site to highlight on my blog this week. This one is much more detailed than the one I chose ( Although, I think the one I chose is simple and will work well with my elementary students, I think I'll try to use GoAnimate for some of my own projects. I'll also show it to my daughter. Maybe she'll like to try it for some of her high school projects. This is fantastic! Thank you for turning me on to GoAnimate.

  3. @ jeremy: i know, my animation is SO comprehensive! :-)

  4. @ amille: I'm glad you enjoyed the tutorial. I hope your daughter can put it to good use this school year.


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