Wednesday, August 4, 2010

BP1_iGoogle Screen Shots

Hello World,

As our school webmaster, I have used RSS feeds on our site.  Why has it taken so long to realize all the things iGoogle can do for me?  I almost feel as if I'm comparing iGoogle to the brown delivery guys, but truly my PLE has already saved me about an hour today.  As an avid blog reader I did not spend countless hours going from blog to blog.  I know some of you must be thinking that I should have had updates sent to my Gmail but countless e-mails kill the battery on my Droid. Google Reader was sent from the heavens and it is for that reason alone that I appreciate all that Google can do for me.

I have to be honest.  I'm not wild about the TO DO lists.  I like the fact that Google calendar syncs to my Droid and my Outlook at work.  Completing another TO DO list is not my cup of tea.  The thing about technology is that it is supposed to make our lives more efficient.  I have a feeling that MY LISTY and other TO DO lists will remain blank unless there's a project that specifically focuses on them.

In the interim, here are my screen shots.  Enjoy the calla lily elegance.

Home Page:


***There is a problem with the Diigo gadget.***


I like to finish my blogs with a question and I hope y'all answer.   What is your favorite time saving gadget, app, etc?  Is there a gadget for it on iGoogle?

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  1. Tamkia, I just commented in FSO about loving the question you put at the end of the GR post! I absolutely love the My Listy gadgets. I can organize my links so they are all one or two clicks away. I can remember where things are through categories, position, and themes I have chosen for each tab. This is a great question. I would love to know what all of you think - what might I add or delete based on what you are finding valuable.


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