Sunday, March 6, 2011

Week 1 - Wimba Response

I,  like several of my classmates was a bit taken aback by the surprise of submitting our AR projects for to a conference in attempting to get our work published.  It is a wonderful idea, but I believe many of us would have changed the scope of our projects had we known they are to be submitted to a professional organization at the beginning of our EMDT journey. 

The bottom line is that despite the exceptional learning process, some of our projects were not as successful as we may have planned.  If this is the case, how can we go into the Leadership Project with confidence?  I'm interested in hearing your ideas.

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  1. because learning happens just as much when a project doesn't turn out as expected as when it does turn out as expected. If the whole project was one disaster after another there would still be important lessons to be learned along the way. And what's even more important that those of you classroom teachers need to be heard from based on your experiences and frustrations, because you have to deal with things on a daily basis. These are things that get lost on the decision-makers because it may have been decades if ever since they've had to make the process work. So the point is to push your efforts to a place where it's a learning experience for more than just you and your classmates. If education is going to improve it's going to be because the ones having to do the work in the classroom are going to speak up and say what's what. You are the real experts in the field.


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