Thursday, March 10, 2011

Week 2- The Art of Possibility

Is it possible for a 35-year-old woman to transform her professional and personal life by simply understanding and identifying the source of my potential?  Maybe.  The first four chapters of the Art of Possibility are designed to get one started on such a quest.  The authors encourage us to shift our focus, which will enable us to view opportunities in a new light.  By utilizing the example of the nine-dot challenge, we are forced to think outside the box.  Secondly, and especially as students and educators, we tend to focus on measurement such as standardized tests and grade scales to prove ones worth.  However it is more to our benefit to embrace an optimistic outlook on life that allows us to step into a universe of possibility.  When we take this stance to set the context and let life unfold we can start assuming that people, more specifically, our students can do well despite what the 12-point font states on their IEP.  It’s time to move beyond the stress others may bring and start moving our young charges and us toward accomplishing great things.  Lastly, if I can assume greatness of others then I can become a contributor to that greatness.  By contributing to making others great I am making a difference that may be repaid in unknown amounts in the future. As Emily Dickinson once stated, “Dwell in Possibility.”


  1. Hi Tamika,

    I agree with you that the example of the nine-dot challenge is a great example that can force us to think outside of the box. We usually think "are these.." the solutions instead of "how" the solutions can be solved from different perspectives. You pointed out a good point that making contribute can receive a repaid unknown. Yes, when we contribute, we want to help others. In return, we see others happy and as well as we're happy. Who knows like you mentioned things can turn the tide for the people we helped and they may end up helping us in the future in a great way.

  2. Amen, the greatness come from the same infinite source that isn't about Self, but about the great thing that we want to bring out in others and each other. Let the bean-counters be amazed when our students test well because we've "given" them A's for their efforts and believed in themselves to not let the complications of testing stand in their way to do better than anyone expected. They can because we can.

  3. VERY NICE!!! I like how you started off with the question asking if one can change their professional and personal life by identifying the source of their potential. I completely agree about that it's about changing one's mindset to view opportunities. You bring many good strong points. Thanks for sharing!!


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