Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Week 4 - Response to D. Thai

Dien states: Chapter 11. Creating Frameworks for Possibility: How do I take this flash of insight and make it into daily thing? And how do I share this with others? Good questions. I would agree with the book that vision is the key of creating framework for possibility. If I'm going to be a leader, I need to set up a clear vision not only for myself but for my team to vividly see the vision for our team goal and commitment. By establishing a vision, the team will be inspired to create more cool ideas and ways to accomplish the task. Not just being a leader, I think by having a vision of what I want to do in my daily life will help me to more a decisive maker and thinker.

My response: You are correct, it is important to establish a daily vision but sometimes the vision is tainted in education by the constant bombardment to increase test scores, maintain order in the classroom and constantly trying to deliver innovative lessons.  There was a time in education when teams planned together instead of meeting to discuss the latest academic dilemma.  I want to reestablish that vision beyond the confines of our cohort.  Perhaps sharing the Art of Possibility with my colleagues is a good start.

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