Thursday, March 17, 2011

Week 3 - Response to L. Infante

The recognition and assumption of our own mistakes needs to become part of our daily practice as an example of humility. Leaders need to show they are also human beings and can make mistakes as anyone else. The work of leaders is hard because they need to show humility, be inclusive but at the same time they need their team to have awareness that they are still the leaders. Unfortunately the line between leadership and control, and leadership and partnership can disappear in an instant. Sometimes people can confuse leadership as authoritarianism and partnership as anarchy. I think it is huge work and an enormous responsibility to be a leader. That is why it is important to train people on how to lead and know a balanced way to manage leadership. I personally think that a good leader uses words that give others encouragement about their future, empowerment to feel creative and refreshment to visualize things from a positive perspective and attitude.

Luz, this first sentence struck a chord because I work with a few teachers who feel it is their duty to humiliate middle schoolers.  While I agree that it is to our benefit to be humbled every so often in order to remain grounded and effective leaders, I think we must be careful when correcting a child.  Can’t you imagine a world when a lesson in humility didn’t bore a hole into our souls?  This is the mark of a true leader.  One who can take criticism and learn from it. 

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