Friday, March 25, 2011

Week 4 - Free Choice

“Technology is more than a tool, it’s an essential component of everyday life that frames their world view.”  Is there any wonder why our students dread some classes but look forward to the teachers using SmartBoards, Mobi, and Web 2.0 technologies?  Students are engaged when they are able to integrate tools used in their personal lives in the classroom.  The “gotcha” moment of my lesson plans are when I am able to connect the reasons behind learning a particular objective to students’ lives.  If this is the moment of connection, why aren’t more teachers welcoming cell phones, iPods, video cameras and more into the classroom?  We are teaching the digital generation but the bulk of educators do no more than turn on an overhead projector and lecture their students on the lesson of the day.  It’s time we start teaching in their world instead of the world we were raised in.

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  1. okay, the 2001 theme and conversion from b&w to color was a bit much. Knowing that your focus was on whiteboards, when the teacher tossed the eraser into the air and the kids reached up, I was concerned that they'd get nailed by giant whiteboards falling from the sky. Yikes. Thanks for sharing.


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