Thursday, March 17, 2011

Week 3 - Wimba Response

His Royal Badness decided to take on Internet giants eBay and YouTube for infringing on his copyright.  According to to the article, Prince wants to "reclaim his art on the internet".  Prince is interested in controlling his music rather than have it shown via grainy cell phone footage.  Prince, have you checked out the video quality on a Droid?  I’m just asking. 

I understand the reason for copyright but as the man Prince paid to remove the unflattering footage states, "As soon as they are taken down, more spring up the next day.”  Copyright is to protect the creator but is this type of publicity harming or helping people like the androgynous one?  As a person who is extremely excited about attending my first Prince concert next week, I am grateful for a sneak peak of what this talented man will bring to the stage.  For the record, my cell phone will stay in the car. In the meantime, enjoy this clip of Prince’s recent concert at Madison Square Garden, courtesy of YouTube (before it is removed).

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  1. yeah, surprise, the video is still up as of 3/24/2011. Shock! Of course it's not long enough to really know what song the band is playing, and it's just long enough for him to kick three not-really-dancing women off the stage ("you're too thick for me" he says to one... ack!). Oh yeah, this week's wimba wasn't about Copyright, but hey, it's good enough for rock and roll.


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