Monday, August 29, 2011

4,400+ Free Books

I bet that title got your attention.  If it did then you should know up front that this post is not about giveaways or a place to steal books and not get caught.  Today as we delve into Week 2 of Best Websites for Educators I want to share a site that can be used for students ages 1-100.

The International Children’s Digital Library (ICDL) provides thousands of books in 54 different languages from around the world.  From well known authors such as Walter Dean Myers to a French folktale favorites, you’ll find all sorts of interesting stories to share with students. 

As a classroom teacher I was a huge fan of using picture books to teach literary elements. With ICDL you now have access to books even when the copy is checked out at the school library media center.  All you need is an LCD projector and a working internet connection to share literature and beautiful artwork with students. 

image Are you a parent wondering how to use ICDL with your child?  Download the free app on your iPad. We have one last summer vacation coming up and I cannot think of a better way to keep Junior entertained and save space in the car. 

ICDL is truly captivating and I hope that you find a way to integrate this into your content for many years to come.

READER RESPONSE: Search for a book on the ICDL site.  Please share how the book is connected to a specific content area.  Think outside the box English teachers.  We need to help our math, science, social studies and elective teachers use this resource in their classes today.

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