Saturday, August 27, 2011

Stop Buying Posters

Remember when teachers assigned poster projects?  Magazine cutouts, glue and glitter…so much glitter littered our dining room table.  Despite the creative factor, poster projects wound up leaving mom’s wallet lighter and a trail of sparkle in our wake.  The good news is that poster projects still exist.  The better news is that now they are better and in the form of a Glog. 

Glogster is a tool to create digital online posters. The true sparkle factor is in Glogster’s ability to create a single page containing audio, video, text, graphics and more.  This past April my students created Poet Glogs to commemorate National Poetry Month.  Here is the sample Glog I created to get the ball rolling:

I must say that my student’s Glogs blew mine out of the water, pass the moon and into another universe.  They were amazing.  If you want to spread the gospel about your munchkins then allow them to razzle dazzle you with Glogster.  I don’t have to tell you that this tool is one that can be used in every content area.  Visit the sample Glogs on their site and get inspired today.  

READER RESPONSE: Tell us what you teach and your idea for a Glogster project.  As always, please paste the link in the COMMENTS section if you used today’s tool to create something fabulous.

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