Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cool Ipad 2 Apps for Educators

I do not have an iPad but I want one.  I dream of the day so much that I research the apps I can use in my workplace.  Hey, when I drop $500+ on anything I need to justify the purchase.  The best thing about the iPad 2 is that you can plug that beauty directly into a TV or LCD projector with an HDMI cable.  Wow!  Here are a couple of apps I think are awesome for each subject area:

Science: The Elements: A Visual Exploration.  This app brings the periodic table off the page and illustrates how we interact with the substances of our world on a daily basis. $14

Math: Mathematical Formulas: Math is not my subject but had I had this app I think I would have shed less tears as a teen.  This is a great app to use during bell ringer activities.  Show the equation on the screen and place a problem on the board.  This will keep the munchkins quiet as you take attendance. $1
History/Social Studies/Governement: American Dreams Speeches and Documents in US History HD.  This is one app that I would use just because.  This app features documents, audio and video recordings of every US Presidential Inaugural Addresses, Supreme Court decisions and so much more. In the age of YouTube and Discovery Streaming, this fits right in with placing your students in the moment to experience events first hand.  I don't know about you, but listening to JFK's speech makes me want to be a better American. $2

English/Language Arts: If you keep up with the blog then you know of my adoration for eReaders.  Of course, these free apps (Nook, Kindle, iBooks) are great for use in the classroom.  Just think, you can do a context clue bell ringer by showing a page on the screen followed by using the dictionary tool.  However, I want to recommend The DailyThis is a newspaper app that is great for teaching informational text.  I hate to mention the 'T' word but understanding non-fiction is an important skill for end of grade tests. Of course this is FANTASTIC for current events.  Save trees - go media crazy for $0.
There are tons of apps for electives and physical education so I encourage you to Google your content specific area.  If you're a music teacher you will be in heaven.  If you teach Life Skills, join the party.  The iPad 2 is geared for educators plus you get a great discount when you shop through the Apple Store.

If you need help thinking of ways to integrate other apps and technology into your class, give me a call.

Have a great school year, educators!


  1. Great tips!! Thanks so much; I will definitely be downloading these soon!

  2. You're so lucky!!!! I think I will treat myself to an iPad 2 for Christmas. I cannot wait to explore all it has to offer.


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