Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Microphones, Telephone, Webcams – oh my!

There comes a time in every class when students are forced to work together.  Just as Dorothy traveled the yellow brick road, your students now have a path leading to greatness…introducing Voicethread.  Voicethread allows users to share images, slides and documents with their voice.  The best part of Voicethread is the ability to work collaboratively.  As students work they can upload their narration five different ways: microphone, telephone, text, audio files and webcams. 

Imagine the possibilities of Social Studies projects.  Allow your students to detail how they solved a math problem.  Debate issues within a video and so much more.  Imagine the level of Blooms you will reach with this tool.  We’re aiming sky high, fellow educators. 

From embedding your Voicethread with a specially designed Moodle plugin or exporting the file to a DVD, there is no limit to sharing your creation. 

READER RESPONSE: How have or will you use Voicethread in your classroom?  Please share your links below to threads you create.

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