Monday, August 22, 2011

New Year, New Thoughts

Happy New (School) Year!  As the 2011-12 school year gets underway I know that many of my fellow educators are thinking of innovative ways to reach students.  I am happy to begin a series discussing some of the best websites for teachers.  Over the next five weeks I will introduce or remind readers about Web 2.0 tools in the topics of Media Sharing, Digital Storytelling, Management & Organization, Content Collaboration and Social Networking. 

Today we will begin with Animoto. When you use Animoto you can create presentation containing video clips photos, music and text. This tool is a fantastic way to begin a class, meeting or any venue in which an audience is present.  I further suggest using Animoto as a review of your content objectives.  If your students are anything like mine then promising a music video at the end of class is a fantastic way to bribe ensure they absorb the information presented.  Finally, Animoto makes it easy to download videos, share on blogs, export to YouTube or share via e-mail.  Press PLAY below to learn more.

Yes, folks, this week we’re going beyond boring PowerPoints.  In fact we’re going to add PowerPoint to the foul language bin because it is played out.  Remember, this year we're going to be super.  Why not start with a super sweet introduction for your class?

READER RESPONSE:  Have you created an Animoto video?  If so, please add the link below.  Are you thinking of creating a video?  Then share your thoughts.  Let’s help each other create something fab!

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