Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Teacher Training Videos

I am returning to high school.  Again.  This school year will find me at a new school with bigger kids and a larger staff.  I am excited to move from middle to high school but there is great sadness in leaving my Rams Family. 

One of the things I am proudest of is helping teacher integrate technology into their curriculum.  As I depart Rams Territory I have found several teachers trying to get in their last minute tech questions.  Despite my willingness to help there will be times when my former co-workers cannot reach me. Don't fret because there are an abundance of tools to answer your questions.  The great thing about the internet is that if you have an idea there is a 99.9% chance that someone else has thought of the same thing.  Aside from the thought they have probably made a video tutorial about the idea.  To think that you thought YouTube was only for cute kitten videos. Nope, folks, there is SO MUCH MORE! 

Are you unsure about Go Animate?  Check YouTube.  How about Glogster, Moodle, podcasting, online quizzes, etc.?  Folks, it's all there.  Now, if you wish to find something specifically geared toward teachers then I invite you to use TTV.  Here you will not find talking heads but screencasts.  I personally adore screencast videos because you can watch how to do everything step by step on your computer.  This is the best type of tutorial for the tech savvy and tech shy. 
As John Dewey said, “If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.” Technology has changed the teaching game.  Therefore, seasoned teachers, you must change with the times. Use TTV to find one new technology tool to integrate into your class weekly. Imagine what you will teacher yourself and others by May. Contact me or continue to read the blog for ideas.  Whatever you do pledge to be super.  Our students deserve that much.

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