Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Power Point Assassin

We have reached the end of week one in the Best Website for Educator Series: Media Sharing.  The week began with moving us beyond Power Point and onto something more.  The more included Animoto, Voicethread, Wordle, Tagxedo and Glogster.  Today I bring you the game changer and it goes by the name of Prezi

Similar to the other tools featured this week, Prezi allows users to add multimedia to the presentation but goes one stop further and makes it visually stunning. 

I recently discovered a subsection of Prezi dedicated to education.  The site is amazing in that the likelihood of finding a content connection is almost certain.  From Architecture to Technology there are hundreds of Prezis to add to your next lesson.

A word of warning; Prezi can be initially difficult to navigate so please practice prior to presenting it to you munchkins. 

I hope you enjoyed the first week of websites.  However my true wish is for you to use them and share the outcome on this blog in the comments section.

READER RESPONSE: Which of the tools presented are you most likely to use?  Please respond below (not on Facebook, friends).

Next week: Digital Storytelling


  1. Hands down, animoto. Have already used glogster and press with success, but animoto looks amazing. Planning on using it to intro our ss/ela units.

  2. I'm so happy that one of the tools sparked a flame in you, Jeremy. I hope that you are willing to share your link once you and Stephen create something fabulous.


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