Monday, September 5, 2011

Never Forget Again

Do you know what drives me crazy about secondary students?  It’s their inability to organize. I believe our expectations of students need to be raised. It is time to go beyond stuffing their notes in an overloaded Trapper Keeper (Do they still make those?) and move toward the tools in their pockets.
This week we will delve into managing and organizing information.  You will find that the five tools shared this week will not only benefit the munchkins but you, your family and friends. The best thing about the tools is that they are easily accessible on both your laptop and phone. 
Today’s tool was introduced to me a few weeks ago by my colleague, Jeremy.  He asked if I ever heard of Evernote and from that point on it’s as if this little app started to storm through the world of education.  Evernote allow users to organize their thoughts, notes and sites from a variety of sources such as your ideas, things you heard, see in passing, websites, store PDFs and more.  The great thing about Evernote is that it is available on every format imaginable: Mac, PC, Android Market, iTunes, etc.  This allows your ‘notes’ to be where’ever’ you need them.  Cool, right? Evernote is your personal assistant and one that never needs a potty break of a day off. 
With Evernote you will never forget a lesson plan idea that strikes you in the oddest of places like using the song you heard in Zumba in your classroom.  Here’s my challenge to you, educators: Ask your students to pull out their Smartphones in class and download the app the next time you have a research assignment.  Show them how Evernote can help them share their tools with their group.  The goal of utilizing Web 2.0 tools in the classroom is to turn 21st Century students into 21st Century innovators.  It is vital to put the tools in their hands now so it will become a part of their college and professional lives.
Stay tuned for a lesson on how Jeremy shares his Evernotes with his fellow teachers.  Until then, check out Ron’s Evernote tips on Tumblr.
READER RESPONSE: How will you use Evernote?

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