Sunday, September 4, 2011


As we lounge around and commemorate Labor Day with BBQ and beer, I invite you to consider one last Digital Storytelling tool to add to your dynamic curriculum.  This week consider adding a pop of wow with Zooburst.  Zooburst adds a new dimension to storytelling by adding a 3-D component. 

Zooburts also offers a huge library of clip art to help your students get their point across.  If a Zooburst photo does not fancy your charge, no problem, have her upload her own picture.  Students adore adding their own image in an assignment.  Zooburts allows them to personalize their 3D story which will make everyone take notice on presentation day.

I want to end Digital Storytelling tools by encouraging teachers of all content to think outside the box.  These tools are not just for the English classroom.  Math teachers, have students explain how to solve problems.  Social Studies educators, retell an event in history.  Foreign language teachers, I cannot think of a better tool for students to put their newly learned words into practice.  Visit the Zooburst gallery for more ideas or even add one of the stories to your lesson. Digital Storytelling is a great way to escape from the ordinary.  Keep your students guessing what may happen next in your class and watch their attentiveness soar.

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