Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wanna see something cool?

I have been racking my brain trying to tie this resource to a lesson plan but alas, I cannot.  I will attribute my lack of creativity to the remaining sedative and current pain killers in my system from yesterday's surgery.  My former Full Sail classmate, Amille, posted this site on her Google Buzz page.  IWDRM is a gallery of living movie stills. Here are a few (click on each photo to witness the cool):

As my discipline falls in the realm of literacy, all that comes to mind is to use the stills as writing prompts.  However, there are stills that can be used for the sciences, social studies, technology, etc.  Perhaps students can identify weather formations or periods in history.  The stills are also great for student blogs. You could use the follow still when you have to leave the room:
Walk out with the phrase, "I'm leaving Mr. __ in charge.  He's watching you."

In order to show the still on a non-web based format simply:
  • right click on the image
  • save image as 
  • ensure it saves in a .gif format
  • insert the photo on a PowerPoint slide.
READER RESPONSE: What other ways might you use this resource in your classroom?

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