Friday, September 16, 2011

This is a stix up!

Once upon a time I killed trees.  Before you bash me please understand that it was for a good cause.  I used to allow my class to brainstorm on the whiteboard by utilizing Post-Its. 
The kids loved it and the ideas flowed.  However, the need to remove a hundred little stickers from the board and compile them in one central place is a thing of the past thanks to Stixy.

Today's interactive tool allows students to post all of their ideas on one site and refer to it even when class has ended.  Students may also copy and paste from and link to any websites.  Don't you just love when learning never ends?  I do. 

A similar site is Edistorm.  Unlike Stixy, Edistorm allows you to export your ideas to a PDF which is great for handouts or posts on class blogs. Edistorm has a free service but I recommend buying the basic package to get the most out of the tool.

READER RESPONSE: How do you plan to use Stixy or Edistorm in your class?

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