Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Spicy Nodes

I bet you read that title as Spicy Noodles and thought I posted on the wrong blog.  Unfortunately this is not a great recipe for something yummy but this is a great post about another great 21st Century tool and it will add a bit of pep to your lesson.  The tool is SpicyNodes and it takes the “ugh” out of concept maps.
imageSpicyNodes is another great management tool that allows users to organize visually and by category. What makes SpicyNodes better than what you see above is the ability to link each node to media such as text, links and photos.  Social Studies teachers can bring history to life as students link their nodes to the actual footage discussed in class.  Math teachers can use SpicyNodes to create algorithms.  The possibilities are endless.  However, if you need a shot of inspiration visit the site’s education page. Here’s today’s video to tell you more: 
Finally, for those of you who navigated to TTWIT seeking spicy noodles, here is a recipe for you.  Let me know how it turns out.

READER RESPONSE: Please post the link to your SpicyNode here.

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