Monday, September 12, 2011

NFL Spirit

Yesterday the nation paused not only to recognize the 10 year anniversary of 9/11, but the return of Sunday football.  There is something special about the NFL spirit and the sense of collaboration that brings people of all races, cultures, genders, etc. together to support a common goal.  I cannot think of another fan base as supportive as NFL fans.

At times it feels that the urge to collaborate in the classroom is lacking.  Some educators shy away from cooperative learning due to classroom management factor.  It can be difficult to set six groups of five free to work and maintain the quiet that will please your neighbor.  Despite the noise, uh, organized chaos, there are many benefits to cooperative learning as opposed to students working alone.  They:

  • can receive more peer input as they plan and carry out their work
  • must be able to verbalize their thoughts and reasoning processes
  • may need to worth through differences of opinion
  • can learn how to take advantage of different group members’ strengths
  • support each other in areas in which there are weaknesses
  • bring different learning styles, prior knowledge, and abilities to bear on the task they share
  • learn skills that have important real-world applications in many family and work situations


Cooperative learning is a skill that will aid students in becoming leaders, supporters, innovators and yes, great sports fans.  As we delve into Content Collaboration week I urge you to go outside your realm of comfort and utilize one of the tools shared on TTWIT.  Today, we’ll start with Mindmeister.  Enjoy!

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