Tuesday, September 20, 2011

You Are What You Read

As a librarian I totally agree with this statement.  Are you junk or nutritious goodness?  I read a lot like I eat.  I combine books that fuel my brain but add a bit of spice and sweetness with the occasional romance novel or tabloid fare.
Scholastic takes the idea of being what you read further with You Are What You Read.  Here's the premise as printed on the Scholatic site: "Once you sign up, you’ll be able to input your Bookprint – the five books that most influenced your life. You’ll then be able to connect with others through your shared Bookprints, interact with a global community of readers, and discover new books to enjoy."

This site is similar to Good Reads but with the added zen factor.

The uncharacteristic part of the site is that Scholastic has created but an adult and youth site. This is a great way to bring the world into the lives of your students.  Sign up today.

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